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Wellness means more than just keeping your body fit through nutrition and exercise. Your mind must also be fit -- flexible, curious, and balanced. This can be challenging in our stress-filled lives, especially in Alaska with it's isolating distances and environmental demands.

Stressful experiences, whether from one event or built up over time, affect out ability to develop and sustain good health, no matter where we live. Determined to survive out histories, we may become increasingly powerful, invisible, absent, or resigned -- hoping that by doing so we may never repeat the past and might one day feel safe again.

But this takes a toll on our minds, bodies, and spirits, as such short-term adaptations require tremendous energy to sustain yet do nothing to lay those memories to rest. Psychotherapy can help people live with remembrances of the past without being overwhelmed by them in the present.



Attachment Injuries

Chronic Pain

Work & School Stress




Grief & Loss


Maternal Concerns

Life Transitions

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Dissociation & DID


Disordered Eating

Fears & Phobias

Attention | ADHD

There is no one right way to develop and sustain good psychological health. Your path must be tailored to your individual mental and physical needs -- to what you intend your life to be and to mean. If you've found that what's worked for you in the past is no longer as effective, or previous experiences with therapy were not as helpful as you had hoped, give me a call. Long-term wellness is possible.

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