What You'll Need

We’ll typically meet together once a week for 45 or 60 minutes depending on your needs, but you do have the option to meet more or less often. I’ll help you coordinate everything so that you are up and running quickly, and I provide ongoing technical support. The ideal arrangement would be for you to use a desktop or laptop with a smartphone or tablet as backup, as this would give you more distance from the screen and the flexibility to move about as you would in a physical office. But if all you have is your phone, that’s fine too.

Privacy & Confidentiality

I take your desire for privacy seriously. I keep and store electronic clinical records for each client in a secure, Internet-based practice management system designed for healthcare practitioners. My email, text, fax, and payment vendors meet HIPAA standards, which means they shield all records from unauthorized use or disclosure. The computers on which these records are stored are kept in secure data centers, where various physical security measures are used to maintain the protection of the computers from physical access by unauthorized persons.

Payments & Insurance


As an out-of-network provider, I am able to offer you highly-attentive services to fit a variety of lifestyles and preferences. You'll have a number of options for paying for services, including my managing all of your insurance claims. Court-ordered treatment will have different financial arrangements with payment expected at the time of service. I accept credit, debit, and HSA/FSA cards. I am unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or workers' compensation insurance claims.


I recommended for your own peace of mind that you call your insurer prior to your first session to inquire about your plan's benefits for medically necessary services.  If there are no therapists within 50 miles of you that specialize in what you need, your insurer may designate me "in-network" for reimbursement.

Mac / PC computer + webcam

High-speed broadband Internet

Firefox or Chrome browser


Smartphone / tablet (backup)

Printer / scanner (optional)

Private, quiet location

Disturbance-free hour

Consistent computer & Internet access

Familiarity with using computers

Government ID

Credit or debit card on file

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