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University of Alaska Fairbanks, MEd  Counseling

Laurey Gronemeier

University of Alaska Fairbanks, BS  Psychology


Division 7:   Developmental Psychology

Division 10: Aesthetics, Creativity, & the Arts

Division 38: Health Psychology

Division 50: Addiction Psychology

International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation

European Society for Trauma & Dissociation

I came to Alaska as a young adult looking for fresh air and room to breathe. I had grown up deeply immersed in the fine and performing arts in Los Angeles where there was always something creative or imaginative to pursue. And though it would have seemed natural for me to make the urban arts my career, I headed far north instead. I built cabins and a home, raised my family, and returned to college to earn a civil engineering degree. But somewhere along the way, psychological knowledge and insight became more essential for me, as I've always sought to understand human interactions with others and their natural and built environments.


To this end, I changed majors and concentrated on clinical and environmental psychologies in my undergraduate studies and learning differences and gifted studies in my graduate career. I’ve worked in juvenile justice, residential treatment, community and Alaska Native health services (urban and rural), and specialized K-12 programs. I've been certified as a secondary school counselor, and I help both domestic and international college students navigate the convoluted process of choosing colleges and earning degrees.

I provide highly attentive, culturally sensitive, mindfulness-based relational psychotherapy, developmental counseling, and professional consulting that is grounded in neurobiology and tailored for online services. I offer trauma and attachment approaches with specialization in complex PTSD, dissociative disorders. and the aftereffects of abuse. After your initial assessment, I'll have a clearer understanding of  what therapeutic options might best fit your needs, such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Levels I, II, & Complex Trauma/Dissociation), psychodynamic work, EMDR (modified), ego-state therapy, Mentalization-Based Therapy for attachment injuries, self-compassion therapy, ImTT (including the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol), CBT, DBT, ACT, and play/expressive therapies. My style is flexible and relaxed, in that depending on your needs, I can readily adapt how I work with you to help sustain your progress. What makes you-you determines our approach.


It's in my nature to see people for what they do well, rather than where they might fall short. I'll keep you abreast about what I’m thinking and doing, as this is the only way for us to be genuine partners in your good health. And please know that I haven’t lived a sheltered life; as such, I'm at ease working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences.​     For those who live/work internationally, I hold dual citizenship with the US & EU.

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