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Eat healthier. Exercise more. Take vitamins.
Stop smoking. Lose weight. Floss more. Breathe more.
Sit less. Sleep more. Drink less. Hydrate more.
Fast More. Take your meds!
Overwhelmed? Is it any wonder that people tune out reasonable health recommendations and just get on with their lives?  It’s natural to feel this way considering everything else you have to do just to get through the day. And as a result, it’s easier to put off for tomorrow what doesn't seem urgent today. But if you have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or an injury that requires good physical and mental fitness to heal, tomorrow is today. Applying Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to complement medical, physical, and nutritional therapy helps reduce pain and support healing.

And if your ailments aren't readily apparent, as with hypothyroidism, sensory processing disorder; food, chemical, environmental sensitivities; dysautonomia, CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and mild traumatic brain injury, you not only have to figure out how to  mend but also contend with the critics who tell you your problems are "all in your head." Adding insult to injury, when your medical care is covered through workers' compensation, its bureaucratic hoops and adversarial stance can impact how well you heal. Don't go it alone.
Every man who has a sister, mother, wife, girlfriend or even a random female
in his life who he's spent more than three minutes with knows that
telling a woman [she's] gained weight is just never going to go down well.

(BBC News)

An excellent way to sort out and accomplish these and other health-related issues is through counseling, ideally in conjunction with your licensed medical, naturopathic, chiropractic, or nutritional providers. The way you think and feel, regardless of gender, contributes to behaviors that, combined with your biology and environment, help or hinder your overall health.  Let’s partner together to get you where you want to be.

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