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Isn't it time you felt better? More liberated to get done what needs to get done? How many times have you tried? You go into the woods to clear your mind, you confide in your friends, time after time, yet nothing seems to last. One day you’re adrift, and the next you’re high-centered, with no lasting improvement in sight.


At times like these it can be worthwhile to seek professional help -- to have a professional plan for accomplishing your life. No judgment. No pressure. Just respectful, objective, specialized support from an Alaskan who gets it. Let's get you to where you want to be as quickly as possible. Online counseling can be an effective way to do just that.

Telehealth & Covid-19

During this difficult time, many therapists have begun to offer online services to reduce the transmission of this deadly disease. Wonderful news!


However, if you are looking for a new counselor, you should know that teletherapy is an art that requires expertise and an appreciation of the medium for best results.

Think of it like playing an instrument -- a trombonist learning to playthe violin will not make beautiful music without training, practice, and a love of the instrument. Consider working with a therapist who has this expertise and can provide you a calming yet engaging experience.


Emotional Balance

Depression, anxiety, shame,

anger, & loss can limit our

ability to live joyfully,

purposefully, & at peace.


Painful Trauma

Disturbing memories embedded in our brains & bodies can keep us feeling unworthy, unsafe, & unwell.


Harmful Habits

Excessive gaming, shopping, & substance use can damage our finances, health, & relationships.


Healthier Living

Chronic disease, injuries, & disordered eating can impact our ability to live fulfilling lives.


Creative Development

Artists, authors, scientists, and others whose work relies on mental flow can experience creative blocks.


Advanced Development

Gifted persons think and feel differently, leading to frustration, alienation, and missed opportunities.

Providing Highly Attentive Service
Day, Evening, & Weekend Appointments
Practice limited to adults 18+
Serving Anchorage, Kenai, Mat-Su, Southeast, Denali,
Fairbanks, Rural Alaska, & All Points In-Between
Serving English-speaking expats, adventurers,
and scholars outside of North America


Find yourself a quiet,

comfortable place for us

to connect. No warming up the car necessary.


Scheduling conflicts are no barriers to getting the help you need. Take that well deserved break today.


Darkness, distance, & social/academic pressures

can set the stage for emotional distress. Don't go it alone.


 Staying in a hotel, RV or

tent? There's no need to

interrupt your progress.

Support is just a click away. 


Let me help you ease in to distance counseling -- settle into your spot, quiet your focus, and let’s discover what’s bringing you down, what’s holding you back. How often do you take an hour exclusively for yourself? Isn’t it time to begin? Imagine how more satisfying your life will be when you feel better about yourself, your relationships, and your future.  

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